Yachts, hotels, exclusive villas. Wherever we provide high-quality interiors, we do so with the ambition to create something extraordinary.

What is created with us is quickly explained: interior at the very highest level.

Würzburger Interieur Manufaktur GmbH creates exclusive interior fittings for yachts. WIMA specializes in creating complete A, B and public areas - from the floors to the wall coverings to the ceiling panels. We also undertake comprehensive refurbishments and complete refits. With precision craftsmanship and great attention to detail, we produce custom interiors that meet the highest standards. We also produce impressive interiors for upscale hotels and luxury villas that leave lasting impressions.

Our experienced team works with first-class materials and state-of-the-art techniques to realize individual solutions for each customer. We act as the single point of contact and project execution throughout Europe to bring design ideas to reality. This enables us to complete even the most extensive interior projects safely and on time.

We meet the complex challenges of yacht building.

Our offer includes a wide range of services such as the construction of cabinets, beds, kitchens and other furniture, as well as the installation of flooring and wall coverings. However, we are internationally recognized for the construction of staircases, wheelhouses and their adjacent spaces. These areas require a particularly high level of experience and specialized expertise in yacht construction to ensure that functionality and appearance complement each other perfectly. For high-end interiors, we often use exquisite materials such as Canadian buffalo/saddle leather, Brazilian slate, fine fabrics and finishes, certified precious and tropical woods, and natural stones such as Carrara marble.

Our experience from many years of collaboration with well-known yacht designers, together with our execution expertise ensure the success of our interior design projects. We are the project partners to make the big ideas of luxurious and stylish yacht interiors come true. Because our well-connected teams, with short and stress-tested decision-making paths, are masters of these special tasks. As a central point of contact, we also coordinate the various trades involved in the interior work, including upholsterers, tilers, stonemasons, painters, glaziers, blacksmiths and lighting designers.

In addition to the very diverse tasks, with different materials on a yacht, I particularly enjoy working with my colleagues.

Rick Sandvoß
Apprentice carpenter, 3rd year of training