We know where we have come from. But more importantly, we also know where we want to go in the future.

About us

A manufactory with long tradition.

Our roots already go back about 150 years and are documented in the family history of the company founders. The Würzburger Werkstätten GmbH was founded shortly after the Second World War. Over many decades, this company has realized furniture and interior fittings, with the claim to create particularly high-quality living and working spaces. In 2013, the Würzburger Interieur Manufaktur GmbH was founded from this company – with a staff that continues to exist – and has been continuing the tradition of exceptional craftsmanship ever since.

Originally active in store fitting, large shopping malls, hotels and luxury villas, we have more recently discovered our passion for shipbuilding. In 2001 we realized our first project for the luxury yacht Octopus, and since then wr have been focusing mainly on yacht interiors. However, we continue to work for clients in the field of exceptional hotel business and for the finishing of private villas and residences.

Since 2023 we are part of a group of companies and economically belong to the Nobiskrug shipyard in Rendsburg. Planning, conception and material production are done at our location in Würzburg. The resulting components are of course assembled by our teams on site at the shipyard.

We carefully select first-class materials and use innovative techniques to create individual interiors that meet the highest standards. Whether your yacht is moored in Monaco or currently anchored in Florida, our customers can rely on our team being on site to fulfill any wishes.

Reference projects

A small overview of
previous work.

In the past decades we have seen many impressive ships and hotels – especially from the inside. In the following projects, we were allowed to participate in the creation or modification and produce high-quality interior in the last 10 years.

MY NB 79575m, Nobiskrug, Construction, manufacturing, assembly2018 - 2023
MY NB79080 m, Nobiskrug, Construction, manufacturing, assembly2017 - 2018
Motoryacht90 m, Manufacturing in cooperation2017
Motoryacht90 m, Manufacturing in cooperation2017
MY Katara (ex Projekt Crystal)124,4 m, Blohm+Voss Hamburg
Motoryacht110 m
Manufacturing in cooperation
2016 - 2017
5* Hotel - CHPlanning2016
MY Sasha85 m, Lürssen Kröger Werft Rendsburg
~350 m² Expansion area, construction, manufacturing, assembly
2015 - 2017
Motoryacht156 m, Manufacturing in cooperation2015 - 2016
Motoryacht106 m, Manufacturing in cooperation2015 - 2016
Motoryacht49 m, Manufacturing in cooperation2014 - 2015
Segelyacht85 m, Manufacturing in cooperation2014 - 2015
Motoryacht105 m, Planning in cooperation2014
5*Hotel - ATpublic area2014
Motoryacht140 m, Fertigung und Montage in Kooperation2014
Motoryacht105 m, Manufacturing in cooperation2013 - 2014
Motoryacht95 m, Manufacturing in cooperation2013 - 2014
5* Hotel - ATpublic area2013
5* Hotel - CHpublic area2013
MY Quattroelle (ex Projekt Bellissimo)88.00 m, Lürssen shipyard Schacht Audorf
Guest cabin, bathrooms, cinema, wheelhouse, captain's area, office
MY ACE (ex Projekt Rocky)87.00 m, Lürssen shipyard Audorf shaft
Staircase, wheelhouse, captain's area, office, tar room, bathroom
2011 - 2012
MY Valerie (ex Projekt Firebird)84.00 m, Lürssen shipyard Audorf shaft.
Steel staircase 3D, wheelhouse, captain's area, office, tar room, bathroom
MY Pacific (ex Projekt Josi)85.20 m, Lürssen shipyard Lemwerder
Staircase, wheelhouse, office, bathroom, elevator
MY Katara (ex Projekt Crystal)124,50 m, Lürssen shipyard Vegesack
Beach club, owner's cabin, bathroom, dressing room
2009 - 2010
MY Northern Star (ex Projekt Scout)75.40 m, Lürssen shipyard Audorf shaft
Wheelhouse, steel staircase 3D
MY Mayan Queen IV (ex Projekt Safari)92.00 m, Blohm & Voss Hamburg.
Steel stairs 3D, staircase, storm cabin, bathroom, fitness, loose furniture
2008 - 2009
MY Mad Summer (ex Projekt Bermuda)78,50 m
Steel staircase 3D, staircase, beach club, wellness & fitness, wheelhouse, captain's area, upper deck salon".

What I really love about my job is the fact that I can take so much time until the result is really perfect.

Lars Petersen